From Manchester to Caserta, Two Machines Make it Over to Italy!

Ciao! We have had another great few weeks here at Blackwood Ovens, in which one of our smokers went over the English Channel! A customer from Italy ordered an HWC 18 Warming Cabinet and Blackwood Buddy 48 Smoker to the newly opened Whiskers Smokehouse in Caserta, north of Naples, Italy.

The importance of buying British made products.

Buying British goods supports British industries and helps protect and create jobs in the UK rather than spending money abroad. The money from these companies goes back into the country for improvements to things such as education, policing and medical care. Products that once brought in the majority of country funding is the UK steel industry, which has been in decline for some time.

What should your smokehouse have on the menu this summer?

It is always important to keep your menu on trend and up to date, particularly as the season’s pass and preferences change. Take look into our recommendations on what tasty foods will be a hit on your smokehouse or BBQ restaurant menu this coming season.

Real Wood Smoking – But what wood should you use?

At Blackwood Ovens, we have a range of Smoking chips ideal for creating authentic smoked flavouring. Our range is available in 1, 5 and 10-litre bags. We have a wood chip to compliment all different types of food, here are some notes on flavours and uses.